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Tangible Evidence of Life after Death with Spirit Artistry

Rita goes one step beyond mediumship with her spirit artistry. Imagine getting a drawing of your deceased parent, grandparent, spouse, child or friend from a woman who has never met you and knows absolutely nothing about you. The experience is absolutely incredible!" ~ Bob Olson

In case you haven’t been paying attention to all the media hype, there are people in this world who can communicate with spirits from the other side. They are called psychic mediums, or what I prefer to describe as “spirit messengers.” Whatever you prefer to call them, these spiritually gifted folks actually can see dead people—just like in the movie The Sixth Sense (although it is not at all scary the way Hollywood portrayed it).

You have probably heard of some of the more famous psychic mediums like John Edward, Sylvia Browne, George Anderson or James Van Praagh. All are bestselling authors and have been featured all over the media, including television shows like Larry King Live, Montel Williams, 20/20, 60 Minutes and Oprah. John Edward even has his own immensely popular television show. But there are also many lesser-known psychic mediums who are as equally gifted as these major publicity moguls.

Mediumship is a rare gift, but there are more genuine and legitimate psychic mediums in the world than most people might expect. I have had the opportunity to meet some of the most gifted psychic mediums on the planet who are not widely known or highly publicized. These psychic mediums have as much to offer as the celebrity psychic mediums we watch on television and read about in their books. This is why I feel compelled to tell the world about them through my writing, so as to guide people toward the genuine psychic mediums and away from the phonies and frauds (yes, they exist too).

One of these incredibly gifted, although not so famous, psychic mediums is from the Boston area. While she may not be widely known across the country, she has already earned a high reputation among Bostonians, even many New Englanders. Her name is Rita Berkowitz, and she takes the gift of psychic mediumship to a new level—she can draw the spirits she sees as a psychic medium. Rita Berkowitz is known as a Spirit Artist.

As if communicating with your deceased relatives wasn’t exciting enough, Rita Berkowitz also gives you a spirit drawing as additional “tangible” evidence that these people coming through in the reading continue to exist. Imagine getting a drawing of your deceased parent, grandparent, spouse, child or friend from a woman who has never met you and knows absolutely nothing about you. How much peace-of-mind might that provide you to know that your loved-one is still alive and well—and watching over you—in the spirit world? The emotional benefits of such a priceless gift are life-changing.

Once I had heard about Rita Berkowitz from other well-respected psychic mediums, I couldn’t wait to get a drawing done by her. After years meeting some extremely gifted psychic mediums, I felt I had seen it all. Then Rita’s gift exceeded my belief system once again.

During the reading, Rita Berkowitz communicated with my deceased father and grandmother as several psychic mediums had done before her, telling me things about my life that she could never have known or even guessed. Then came the shocking new twist. After verbally describing my grandmother with details about her skin, her eyes, her hair and her style of dress, Rita Berkowitz then drew a picture of my grandmother as if she were sitting right there in the room with us.

Since I was used to getting readings from psychic mediums, I rarely got emotional the way I once had when I was new to mediumship. But seeing my grandmother’s face appear on Rita’s drawing pad was an especially emotional experience. Of course, Rita was also offering me verbal messages from my grandmother, so the combination of verbal communication and visual validation added an extra impact to the reading. It was a special bonus to be able to walk away from the reading with something as concrete as this drawing to share with my friends and family members.

I also had the opportunity to look at Rita Berkowitz's portfolio of spirit drawings. Inside the portfolio are copies of some drawings she has done throughout her career as a psychic medium and spirit artist. Next to these drawings, Rita has photographs of each person she drew, taken while they were still here on earth. Rita’s clients brought these photographs back from home "after" the drawings were done, sometimes years later. Seeing these photographs next to the drawings is a poignant experience. The resemblance can be so remarkable that it makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck.

Some of the drawings look exactly like the photographs, even with the same ponytail in the hair, the same jewelry or the same clothing. Still, some of the photographs are not one-hundred percent exact, but the facial distinctions (the eyes, nose, ears or mouth) are so clear and obvious that there is no question who Rita was drawing. Even when an artist draws a person who is still living, the drawing is not always an identical portrayal. But you know who the person is because the artist captures the most significant attributes of that person’s face.

In my grandmother’s case, it was the eyes that were the first identifying marker. My grandmother had markings under her eyes that were unique, and Rita Berkowitz’s drawing made me feel as if my grandmother was looking straight at me. Rita also perfectly matched the hair, mouth and even the dress style (if not an exact dress she used to wear). Plus, Rita was able to verbally describe my grandmother’s sallow skin, her brownish hazel eyes, her slightly crooked nose, and her “home perm”—all details that she made sure to describe in words in case her chalks could not properly duplicate the color, shape or texture.

Rita Berkowitz is a gifted psychic medium who doesn’t need her drawings to alter one’s life with her readings. Her gift of spirit communication alone can change the course of one’s life. I know the messages she gave to me from my grandmother were as valuable as the picture she drew. And being a counselor, Rita is professionally capable of dealing with the many issues that may come up during a reading, bereavement issues being just one. But it is Rita’s spirit artistry that clearly sets her gift apart from other psychic mediums, and allows her to give something extra to her clients.

You may also ask Rita to draw one of your “spirit guides.” Spirit guides are souls from the spirit world who watch over us and guide us through life. We may know them from this lifetime, but not necessarily. A spirit guide may be someone we know from another lifetime, or know only from our time in the spirit world. Their assistance may never be completely known or understood while we are here on earth, but their help to us is invaluable. Many people enjoy knowing what their spirit guide looks like, and some believe that the drawing brings them closer to that guide. Whatever your beliefs, Rita Berkowitz has been very successful drawing spirit guides and many of her clients have raved to me about the personal and spiritual benefits they received from that service.

Rita Berkowitz has retired from offering readings and spirit drawings. Thank you Rita for the amazing evidence you provided during your successful career. 


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PS, On this page you'll notice Rita Berkowitz's spirit drawing of my great, great grandfather, Julius (see drawing and photo of Civil War soldier). This came from a telephone reading I had with Rita in which she mailed me the drawing. I had to ask my mother to mail me the only photo of Julius known to my family, which my aunt had in her files. The photo my mother sent arrived in the mail about the same time as the spirit drawing from Rita, and I was absolutely amazed at the resemblance. Obviously, Rita saw Julius as a little older than the photo my mother sent, but there is no question that Rita drew Julius with incredible accuracy. My wife, Melissa, recently had the spirit drawing framed for me as a birthday present.