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Joanne Gerber

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"It is very much my privilege to write a testimonial for Joanne Gerber. She has served The First Spiritualist Church of Quincy many times and it is always a joy to have her back. She is not only an excellent medium, but she is truly a spiritual person and this comes through in her work. She not only gives evidence of the continuity of life, but she promotes healing during the message. Her work is remarkable and I hope she continues to serve our church whenever possible." 
Rev. Rita Berkowitz, Pastor

"Joanne Gerber is one of the best evidential mediums that I know in Massachusetts. Her messages are full of detail and love from the spirit side of life. As a fellow medium, I know what good quality mediumship is. I have experienced her work both on a group level and privately. She brought through my mother to me with accuracy. Besides her accuracy, Joanne is also a very warm and caring woman who is capable of comforting you if you are grieving the loss of a loved one. I would highly recommend Joanne to anyone who is looking to bridge the gap to the spirit world."  
Pam - Onset, MA

"I came to see you at a mediumship demonstration with thirty five other people in Nashua, NH. I was extremely impressed and blown away. The accuracy was unbelievable. I recommended you to my friends. If there is any one who has any doubts, I would suggest for them to have a session with you. Joanne, you made me a true believer. On behalf of myself and my family, I thank you." 
Sholeh - Nashua, NH

"My reading with Joanne was like a gift from spirit. Joanne made me feel comfortable, since I was so nervous and did not know what to expect from the experience. My mother came through immediately and Joanne's message was totally validated through specific details that came out in the reading. When a loved one passes, you can feel the captivity of the grief that surrounds you. After my reading with Joanne, I felt such joy and a release of the grief that engulfed me. I know that I connected with my mother and my father in spirit, and that they were still a part of my life and knew things that were happening in my life. Joanne's reading was such a gift to me and I feel Joanne's mediumship can be such a gift to others who grieve. I truly believe the reading with Joanne has helped my healing process. God Bless you, Joanne."

Kari - Niskayuna, NY

"Hi Joanne. I am writing regarding our two sessions with you on Monday, April 11th, 2005. I can't tell you how thankful I am regarding the sessions both my wife and I had with you. My wife has struggled with extreme emotions since her mom's passing, and I now know that Monday's reading was the beginning of healing and working toward peace with her mom. We have been to other mediums and psychics in the past, and you have not only made the best most evidential connections for us, but have also made an impact and impression on us far better than any other psychic or medium we have been to in the past. My wife and I have already been talking about returning to you again soon to have a session together for business and financial direction." 
Mike - Worcester, MA

"Dear Joanne It was a pleasure meeting you. Thank you for the reading. I found it to be comforting. I always worried about my brother not passing over. Now I know that he did and he is with my dad. You have brought me peace and a sense of well being. God Bless you."
Carol - Swampscott, MA

Hi Joanne, 
My name is Sara and I live in California. I had a psychic phone reading with you last year (beginning of 2005). When I contacted you, I was having problems with my marriage, but was madly in love. Our relationship was suffering. You were right on about what kind of problems we were having in our marriage. During my reading you were so honest, and told me exactly what was going to happen, and the time frame, and that it could be painful, but in the long run would be the best for me. At the time of the reading, I didn't want to hear it, because I could not imagine this happening to me, since I loved him so much. Leaving him and going my way was the last thing on my mind, and I always thought I would never be able to survive without him. You had told me that after 5-6 months which was exactly correct, something would happen that would make me WANT to end this relationship and move on with my life. You were right, he did do something that woke me up and made me realize that I deserve better! I now realize how accurate the reading was.

I just wanted to thank you and let you know that this was the best reading I have ever had! God Bless.... 
Sara - San Jose, CA

"In December of 2004, I was fortunate enough to be able to attend a reading you provided for a family, and was very impressed with your warmth and communication abilities - not only with the Spirit aspect, but with the way you presented such a positive energy to the family." 
Barbara - Salem, NH

"Hi Joanne - Your Spiritual Development class helped us by bringing us peace and a sense of goodness, always looking for the positive in each situation. We try to remember what you have taught us whenever a difficult situation comes about. You are truly a teacher of the kindest sort." 
Peggie - Winthrop, MA

"I have had several phone readings with Joanne, and each one has been insightful and thought provoking. Her ability has helped me to understand and accept circumstances in my life." 
Jean - Lincoln, NE

"Joanne it has taken me this long to be able to effectively gather my thoughts and connect with you. All I can say about the weekend is WOW!!!! A very powerful weekend, and a spiritual awakening, in large part due to what we experienced in our session. It totally blew me away, but also gave me a sense of direction." 
Deb - Portland, ME

"Joanne-I need to drop you this note to share this. I have seen you demonstrate as a medium several times, and was very impressed. I then had the opportunity to get a one on one reading with you. The way you described my Dad and my grandmother was amazing. The details and accuracy of their personality, appearance, mannerisms, and the details of the things they most enjoy to be around me with now and the message you gave me left no doubt in my mind that you had communicated with them. Thank you for your time and for the comfort from the message you gave me."
Cynthia - Providence, RI

"Joanne-The session I had with you was a comfort and an empowering experience for me. You had picked up on things only I have thought about, and have brought comfort to me from my loved ones in spirit at the time of my loss. You have inspired me to develop my special gifts, and have provided me with direction on where to go to learn more. You enjoy helping others and you are a wonderful caring person to talk to. I thank you so much for the positive experience you have given me."
Laura - Shelburne, MA

"During my reading with you, the room was filled with a tremendous sense of peace, love and tranquillity, a feeling that resonated with me long afterwards. I have been able to look back at the information you brought forth and confirm for myself that I am on the right path."
Jolie - Marblehead, MA


Joanne Gerber