Client Testimonials...

Jennifer Farmer

Professional Intuitive, Medium, and Spiritual Teacher

I experienced the privilege of an in person reading with Jennifer.  Mom passed away in March of 2013.  Prior to my visit the only information Jennifer was aware of, which I informed her prior to my visit, was that she was hospitalized and very ill, and that she passed.

What I discovered during her mediumship spirit communication was nothing short of very powerful, it was as if she lead me on Mom's lifelong journey on this side, even before I was born, with unexpected turns, twists, and surprises.  She accurately described mom's personality, mannerisms, and with her channeling I could hear mom's inflections in her.  As unusual as it may seem, it was like Mom at times was speaking through her.  Jennifer mentioned the months of March, October, and July as very important months for her.  These were brothers and sisters' birth months, as well as the month of their anniversary.  In addition she channeled quite a bit of accurate information about my dad and her life with dad.

I highly recommend getting a reading from Jennifer – you will gain new perspective on a loved one that has passed, and you may be surprised, and filled with joy and tears.  What I came away with was a deeper understanding and enlightenment, if you will, of mom.

PS: During the reading with Jennifer that day, Mom through Jennifer said to “pick good pictures of me.”  At the time my sister had selected a few pictures to show at the memorial, but as I was helping her pre-plan for the event she asked for my help.  My older sister knew nothing of the reading I had several weeks prior.  She asked if I could pick some additional photo shots of mom to display.  So Jennifer predicted this future event, and some names she mentioned, as it turned out was known to dad as close family friends, whom I had long forgot.

~ Eric B. Texas


Jennifer is the real thing. She sets you quickly at ease, and her relaxed, open approach creates an immediate feeling of trust. Having a reading with Jennifer is like entering a spirit force field. From the very first minute, Jennifer was there in spirit with three different people, all of whom had specific message to communicate. The first spirit was my grandmother, who died after a long illness when I was 5. She had effectively been my mother, and her passing was my first experience of real grief. Jennifer zeroed immediately on my grandmother's regret at leaving me behind. My grandmother also sent a message for my mother focusing on a very recent medical condition of which my grandmother was aware. Without prompting, Jennifer identified another spirit by name, and relayed his messages with the language and vocabulary he would have used, all while describing actual events that no one could have known. I hope to return to Jennifer again soon.

~ Mary M., New York

I recently had a wonderful reading with Jennifer Farmer and was both impressed with her psychic and mediumistic abilities as well as her ability to put me at ease. She made me feel as if we had known each other for a long time; yet she was like a trusted counselor and this at our first reading. 

She was accurate and validated so much from her very first words. I have had readings before, although not lately, and I would place her in the very top of all those I have had since 1982. She was, in fact, astonishing. I sensed it was more a gift and a pleasure for her than "for the money" which was important to me. I am truly more at peace since she came to me at a time when I needed someone like her.

~ Sincerely, David F.
The Woodlands, Texas

I first heard of Jennifer through Bob Olson's "Genuine Legitimate Psychic Mediums' List". I found that everythiing Mr. Olson had to say about Jennifer's ability was absolutely true. She not only met my hopes but went  beyond.

I immediately felt at ease with Jennifer. I found her to be warm, caring and very kind.
I was hoping for information that would help with my personal growth, and answers to a few questions I had. Jennifer went beyond  offering accurate and valuable information that has helped me spiritually, emotionally, personally and professionally.
The information shared was absolutely accurate. She addressed some issues before I could ask the question. The information was beyond any of my previous experiences.

I initially intended to talk with her and then move on with life. However, after my experince I have scheduled a second appointment and look forward to continued work with her.

I have also shared the session CD with my wife. After listening to Jennifer's voice/style and hearing the accuracy of the information shared; she has also scheduled an appointment with Jennifer.

Jennifer, I am most grateful, for my experience with you.

~ Peace, Ron (November, 2009)


First let me say that I truly enjoyed the session. You are such a warm and friendly person; it was as if I were sitting across from a long-time friend having a conversation. I was at ease from the very first. 

From the onset of the session I knew you were very accurate; but after reviewing the audio recording you made, I found additional validations. The accuracy of the reading was uncanny and unmistakable. Your descriptions of my brother, his close association with music, particularly with the acoustic guitar and wanting to be a musician was absolutely spot-on. All throughout the session there were numerous validations. While there were some things that came through that I don't yet understand I am confident that I will at the appropriate time.

It has been nine years since my brother's passing and I had an intense desire to reconnect with him in a way that would leave no question as to its validity. My brother and I were so very close (and remain so) and I was honestly and selfishly glad that he 
dominated the session. I am also very appreciative of your support and encouragement of my own growth and development and I look forward to the November 5th Group Development time. I truly admire you and I have so much respect for your gift and the manner in which you use it. Thank you again,

~ Charles Driver


Aside from your outstanding professional work, I find you warm, generous and a very thoughtful soul. The work you do is amazing. You provided me not only with ample validations, but with an absolute genuine EXPERIENCE of my grandmother in spirit.

The blended session was perfect to receive guidance from Nana B. and my equally incredible team. Your honesty and compassion, during the reading, came through loud and clear. Your reading and connection to spirit is inspiring, and as someone baby stepping through the spiritual path, I have to admit I am quite envious.

I have know doubt your abilities will skyrocket you to huge success, and also no doubt that you will keep your integrity intact along the way. Please remember to take care of yourself (I'm sure you are finding yourself in high demand these days)! I don't know if I can thank you enough! I have spread the word to close friends in New England, and I hope that is a start. I will definitely be contacting you in the future.

All the best,
~ Shannon

Thank you for an amazing session, Jennifer! I heard about you through Bob Olsen's Of Spirit Newsletter and you definitely exceeded my hopes. I felt my son Ian's presence so clearly and strongly thanks to your well-honed abilities. As a mother yourself I know you can imagine the peace your brought to me. I have booked a May appointment with you for an intuitive session and am already looking forward to gaining insights from you! With gratitude,

~ Cheryl Smith, March 2009

Dear Jennifer,

I am transformed. I have taken in ALL from you. I did my first psychic fair and I have never felt so calm. My spirit circle was able to serve many many people. The information just came. It was clear,intimate, precise. I feel so released from all the expectations I have placed on myself for the past 20 years.Most appreciative, thankful
In gratitude

~ Merril
Reverend Merril Abramson, D.AY., M.A.
Diplomat of Ayurvedic Medicine

Hello Jennifer Farmer,

Thank you for sharing your gift with me. It put a smile on my face when I think of my team (loved my nurse and English gentlemen, fellow). How perfect. It took me a couple days to thank you but I had to digest the cancer. Fortunately, I feel great and with the help from my team and myself, I will be in perfect health. Thank you again and I look forward to hearing my reading again. You are a blessing and again it sure is amazing to hear from the other side. Sending you love and smiles :) :) 

~ Christine Jones

You're reading for me about two years ago was transformational. It opened up the doors to my spiritual path and I cannot thank you enough. 

~ Cathy L. 

My session with Jennifer has proven to be more beneficial than I could have imagined. Her kindness and sensitivity really put me at ease. Her insight has brought me a newfound sense of closure, which was something I was unaware that was even missing. Even more surprising was the peace that it brought me, and my loved ones. The details she provided were astounding. I have recommended her to several people. I would encourage anyone with an open mind, and heart to make use of her services. Thank you Jennifer. 

~ Jody Harris 

I sat with Jennifer for the first time today but it definitely won’t be the last! She’s totally incredible! She immediately puts her clients at ease, and she made me feel as if she’d known me forever. I got so much out of our reading, including messages from my grandmothers, my spirit team, and so much more. I told her NOTHING about myself, but she was spot on time after time! I can't wait to go back for a longer reading! Thanks, Jennifer...God Bless and I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone! 

~ Tracie Kroenert 

My session with Jennifer was remarkable because she brought through a very unexpected friend on the other side. My friend Jeff came through, and he had a message for me that made sense. He passed away tragically some 17 years ago. Her evidence actually sparked MY memory. I would recommend Jennifer to anyone. She is both skilled and accessible. Thank you Jennifer for sharing your gift. 

~ Kendal Laskowski 

I was at a dead end or so it seemed. Jennifer was able to lift the curtain and make me see things through different eyes. She has a great aura and will make you feel comfortable and welcomed right away. She knew things she couldn't have possibly known. I appreciate her time she spent with me and treasure every minute. I will definitely see her again and would only encourage others to see her as well! 

~ Simone Hand 

My father passed away this year, and I feel an overwhelming sense of loss. After the session with Jennifer, I have gained comfort, and can begin the healing process. She is a wonderful, gifted person. I am thankful that I met her. 

~ Shelly Hann

Thank you for sending the audio file so quickly. I think I enjoyed my reading even more the second time around. The gift you share with others is so much a blessing, I just can't express it into words. I have many hard days ahead of me. The confirmation you provided to me that I will not be walking it alone, that my guides do hear me speaking to them, will provide me with comfort and strength. 
For as long as I remember, I have felt there is something else besides what I learned in religion class. I am grateful to be on my spiritual journey. I am grateful to have such a knowingness of what is on the other side.
May you continue to do God's work in all His Blessings.
Thank You
~ Leslie E.


Jennifer Farmer