Interview With...

Jennifer Farmer

Professional Intuitive, Medium, and Spiritual Teacher

Bob Olson: When did you first recognize that you had this gift?

Jennifer Farmer:The awareness and development of my gifts has been a gradual process. I have known and trusted my intuition for many years as a benefit of my own Spiritual development. I saw Spirits as a child, but was afraid and did not really pursue what was happening at the time or ask anyone questions. When they appeared again as an adult, I was more prepared and pursued my connection with the Spirit World. 

Bob Olson: When did you begin doing this work professionally?

Jennifer Farmer: Two years ago. 

Bob Olson: Have you had any formal training or instruction for this work?

Jennifer Farmer: I have attended bereavement and hospice care training, psychic development courses in the US and mediumship development and trance courses in the UK. Part of this work requires building a relationship with the Spirit World, which I do constantly. 

Bob Olson: What other educational degrees, certifications or learned skills do you have which help you in this work?

Jennifer Farmer: Prior to working as a psychic medium fulltime, I worked in management and corporate training for a major telecommunications company. Working in that highly structured environment, I was able to improve my communication skills and acquired some valuable skills in working through difficult situations with people. I enjoyed working with people professionally and personally in that environment. We had formal courses yearly on improving communication skills, people management, and diversity, etc. On a personal level, my spiritual development has been a priority for more than 18 years. I have immersed myself in reading books that help me learn and expand my own life, and as a result, I’ve been able to put many things into practice. My experience in life (both the good and bad) has also prepared me for this work. When I was younger, I struggled in every area of my life. The death of my father when I was a teenager was very a particularly difficult time for me. My learning has been this amazing journey as I’ve embarked on my quest to seek for spiritual and meaningful answers to help me cope with life. Thank god for perseverance and miracles, otherwise I would have missed all the beauty in life today. 

Bob Olson: What is your intention or motivation for doing this work?

Jennifer Farmer: I love this question! I asked myself the same one when I decided to read professionally. I intend to use my gifts to assist people in healing and making the most of their life. Seeing people heal and being apart of the experience motivates me and pushes me to evolve and grow in my abilities. I have dedicated my life to service because, firstly I want to, and above all I love it! It is the best way for me to live my life! 

Bob Olson: How long do your readings last and why did you choose this length of time?

Jennifer Farmer: Readings are 30 minutes or 60 minutes depending on the client request. As far as a “psychic reading”, 60 minutes is best so we can cover everything.

Bob Olson: What can one expect during a normal reading with you?

Jennifer Farmer: I take a few minutes to discuss how I work, what’s likely to happen, put people at ease and answer any of their questions. Clients can expect that I will do my best in every reading, but I cannot guarantee the outcome. All I ask is that the client approach the reading with an open mind to what’s being said. If some things do not make sense during the session, give it a little time before you dismiss it. It’s possible that a family member or a friend may validate some information at a later time. 

Bob Olson: What instructions do you give new clients before a reading?

Jennifer Farmer: For a psychic reading, I always suggest that they take a few minutes to relax and write down a few questions or areas that they’d like to discuss. For a psychic mediumship reading, it’s a little different in that I suggest that they think about a loved one that they’d like to communicate with during the session.

Bob Olson: Is there anything about your gift or abilities that are unique from most other psychics or psychic mediums?

Jennifer Farmer: I believe we are all unique in demonstrating and developing our gifts. When spirit chooses to blend with me, it’s a unique partnership between my consciousness and interpretive styles, and that of the information I’m being given. It’s this relationship that makes each and every one of us unique. However, I am uncomfortable with comparisons; no two readers are the same. For me, I am passionate about my work and trust Spirit to guide me in all sessions. 

Bob Olson: If you do classes, events, seminars, workshops, lectures or retreats, tell us about them. What are they like, how often do you do them and how do people benefit from attending them? 

Jennifer Farmer: I do teach and offer various workshops from month to month. I’m about to launch a totally new workshop in 2009, which I am really excited about, called “The Journey Part 1” which I’ve designed for those people wishing to expand their consciousness, as part of their journey of personal growth. The workshop will bring clarity, and help them to move closer to achieving their personal aspirations and dreams, firstly by identifying and then by learning to trust the teacher within. Please look at my website for the most current information. 

Bob Olson: Do you do phone readings, in person readings or both?

Jennifer Farmer: I offer phone readings and in person readings. I also travel to various cities throughout the USA. My website has all the upcoming cities that I will be working in over the next couple of months.

Bob Olson: How does one contact you to set up an appointment for a reading? Please include your website address.

Jennifer Farmer: My website is

Bob Olson: Is there anything you would like people to know about you or your gift that we have not yet discussed? 

Jennifer Farmer: I am grateful and feel privileged to get to do the work I love. I hope that I may be a positive influence in your journey. 


Jennifer Farmer