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Auto-immune Syndrome, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, Food intolerances, High Blood Pressure 

I was in the depths of despair when I first started working with Jane Fecteau in mid-October 2006. I had had a near complete systemic shut-down after a medical treatment to address one of the underlying causes of my rare auto-immune syndrome. I was unable to eat, unable to have bowel movements, and unable to sleep more than moments at a time. 

The pain that I was experiencing throughout my body was intense, unbearable and debilitating. Five days after working twice a day with Jane, I was able to sleep for five hours, my ability to digest foods and eliminate returned and after four months of intensive work, my health, on all levels, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual has miraculously improved. 

I continue to need to work with Jane. This doesn't surprise me considering the number of health issues that I have, including: auto-immune syndrome, multiple chemical sensitivities, a wide range of food intolerances, high blood pressure and toxic overload, to name a few. 

I am so grateful to have found a highly-skilled, compassionate healer who not only is helping me to heal, but is also teaching me many self-healing techniques. 

One such technique is Qi gong. In December, Jane recommended that I start daily Qi gong exercises. Because of my health conditions which also prevented me from attending classes, she explained that all I needed to do was to sit in the energy field created by those doing the exercises. So armed with my intention, I watched my DVD, and the healing ensued. 

Two months later, I now know seven forms of Qi gong and am able occasionally to do a fifteen minute routine. I faithfully play my DVD daily, often more than once a day. As the healing continues, I know I will be well enough to attend Qi gong classes! 

Jane has literally been a lifesaver for me. Her infectious zest for life, the joy and gratitude she has had for each aspect of my improvements have inspired me to be a much better person on more than just the physical level. 

Additionally, because she works collaboratively with many other holistic and conventional practitioners, I receive the highest quality of care possible. 

Jane Fecteau is the first person I would recommend to anyone who seriously wants to achieve their highest level of health and well-being. 

Respectfully submitted 
Anna - Maine 


This testimonial is for a 75 year old woman who had several strokes, is a brittle diabetic and on heavy medications. Without doing anything more than energy healing, she is experiencing more good days and her family is able to enjoy her company, which they have not been able to do in years!
She has had 10 visits with you. For the first time in years, my mother is alert and awake. And unlike her 'awake' days before, she walks without the use of her walker, is doing stairs by herself, without someone having to pick up her legs (and last week, without a walker, she went out to the end of her driveway to get her mail, which she has NOT done in 7-8 years!) She calls her friends and family, goes shopping, has her hair done, and wants to get her license back. She is on the go and it's great having our Mother back. I am grateful that to our Heavenly Father and Blessed Mother, that you had a vision one night of my mothers brain and you received the insight as to how to 'repair' Mom's brain. You work molecularly on blood flow to her brain by breaking down the plaque in her carotid arteries that go to and from her brain. (Note- Unbeknownst to you, Mom's physician had just told us that she had plaque build up in her carotid arteries, but because of her age and the seriousness of the surgery- there's nothing he could do for her). You work on her muscle strength, blood sugar stability and other health issues, which have all shown signs of improvement. 

As mom's 'good days' become more prevelant (as often as 5-6 'AWAKE' days in the same week!) a couple weeks ago, I asked if you could bring Mom back without the ornery disposition, and we laughed. You told us that we'll get Mom back- just as she is- all the good and not so good parts......I'll be damned if my brother Charlie didn't call me last week and said "Well, I know my mother is back because she called me up to chew my ass out." We laughed and agreed what a miracle this has been and we are grateful to God and the healing abilities that He's given to you. 

As an educated woman, the more I know, the more I realize, I DON'T KNOW. I can't explain how Jesus healed the sick, infirm, blind, and even the dead. I don't know how dowsers, medicine men, and healers work. They just do. These visits are not cheap. But when we figure that she spends about $6000 a year on her prescription medication (even with insurance and Medicare), the (apprx) $800 dollars she's spent so far - is the best $800 spent for her to be healed- when in fact the $6000 hadn't done that. There is a time and a place for all medicine- some in pill form, some in the form of touch, prayer, molecular re-configuration for the brain, heart, body and soul and/or all the above. 

Respectfully submitted by Jo Roderick, Grace’s daughter. Thank you. God bless you- Jo, Charlie and Billy - Grace's children.    

Complex Autoimmune Disease:

As a sufferer of very complex, systemic autoimmune disease, I am typically being treated by at least 5 doctors at any given time. In addition to doctors, I use Eastern Medicine & many holistic therapies to control pain and other unpleasant symptoms of my disease. What I've learned over the years is that Western medicine tends to treat the symptoms & aftermath of disease, but doesn't usually combat the underlying problem. Eastern medicine takes a more integrative approach by trying to balance and restore the body's natural energetic systems & overall energy flow. I was struggling to find the words to explain Jane's gift, but essentially, what she did for me was help bridge the gap between these modalities. In one appointment, Jane was able to do for me what no other doctor or practitioner was able to do, and that was to pinpoint at the cellular level, where my body was malfunctioning to create the disease. This not only helped me understand my disease better, but helped me reframe my approach & expectations towards its management. Armed with this new knowledge, I was able to work with my doctors & holistic practitioners to facilitate my care with more clarity & direction, which has been invaluable to the treatment & management of my disease. Additionally, I can't say enough about the integrity, warmth and sincerity with which Jane runs her practice. Despite her amazing gift, Jane is extremely humble & will be the first to redirect you to other healing modalities or practitioners if she feels that she can't be of the assistance that you need or if she feels she's done all that she can do for you. She is truly one of the kindest, warmest practitioners I have ever had the pleasure of working with & I highly recommend her services to anyone who is struggling with devastating disease. If your doctors have given up on you, I recommend calling Jane! At the very least, she may be able to help you understand your disease from a totally different perspective, which not only inspires hope, but may also inspire a different approach. For the chronically ill, this change in perspective could make all the difference in the world!! It did for me!!

C. Kephart, Binghamton, NY


Drug-Free Relief from Migraine Headaches 

Having a migraine headache can really knock you out. My daughter would have to retreat to total darkness in her room when a migraine struck. Jane "saw" that a vertebra in Audrey's upper neck was constricting the blood flow to her brain. she was able to "open up the area" and alleviate the problem. 

I met Jane in person and heard a testimonial from a colleague of how he had back pain every day to the point of crawling on his hands and knees each morning when he got out of bed. He volunteered to be Jane's subject in a live demonstration. He actually started crying after Jane had laid hands on him because for the first time in as long as he could remember his back pain went away, after just minutes with Jane. It was because of her calming nature and this testimonial that I trusted taking my daughter to Jane and see if this alternative therapy would help. 

Audrey, 15 at the time, was experiencing migraine headaches on increasingly frequent intervals. Her doctor said it was likely hormonal issues associated with puberty. I made an appointment for Jane to provide a session for her. 

As Jane scanned her she asked, "have you had any sports injuries?" Audrey replied that she had been doing cheer-leading stunting for a number of years and on more than one occasion girls had fallen on top of her head and neck. Jane said she saw a lot of damage to soft tissue for such a young person. Jane was able to "create space" for the artery which was being restricted in that one session. 

How wonderful that she doesn't have to suffer any longer and that she doesn't have to take strong over-the-counter drugs! (Our family likes to be drug-free.) She has had more sessions to repair other neurological damage caused by this sport. I am so glad I trusted my intuition and took Audrey for her first session. 

Audrey (via mom)


Migraine sufferer for over 25 years

I have suffered with migraines for over 25 years. I have seen many physicians, neurologists, massage therapists, as well as treatment with acupuncture, acupressure, dietary changes, methods of stress relief and home testing for environmental issues.I have been through all the pain medications for after the onset of a migraine; medications to avoid the migraine as well as Botox (31 injections every 3 months) for the last 2 years. I have been keeping a daily headache diary for the past 6 years and have averaged 10-15 migraines a month I then found Jane Fecteau………My first appointment was December 22, 2014 and since that date, I have only experienced 4 migraines since!!!I can’t believe the change…..the pressure in my head is gone. There are times when I feel that I “should” have one due to a stressful situation, but honestly my head feels fine. I rarely take anything for even a headache now!

For anyone who has ever suffered with migraine pain, I urge you to seek help from Jane……it will change your life, it did mine…

 Pam Dunbar, 2015


 Relief from Pain and Swelling of Shoulder Injury 

Jane has been working on this shoulder and it is feeling so much better. The swelling is reduced, I have no pain now when lifting my arm. I am now able to pinpoint the exact location of the damaged tissue, it had been so internally swollen previously I couldn't locate exact source. My strength is returning and I have full expectations of complete and permanent recovery. 

I have been a client of Jane's since 2006. I highly recommend Jane as an intuitive healer. The most huge issue Jane has been successful in helping me with is my right shoulder. I injured it several years ago and re-injured it in 2008. I have been to an Orthopedic surgeon, a very well-known D.O., an acupuncturist, physical therapy and various other holistic means, as well as several massage therapists...all having little to no results. I was in so much pain at one point I ended up in The Maine Medical Center's Emergency Room. 

How Jane does her work is hard to understand. However, the proof is in the results. Over the years Jane's work has held tremendous benefits for me in multiple ways. I will always see Jane for my continued health and well being. 

Lynn L. Portland, Maine 


Shocked! My Sugar Cravings are ZERO! 

Wowee, you are AMAZING! So, I felt like a million bucks this weekend after my session on Saturday, but further; was shocked by my ZERO SUGAR CRAVINGS! My palate was tested when my boyfriend brought a dozen donuts home for his son and his son's friend. I did just what you said I would do. I opened the refrigerator, looked at the box, didn't open the box to look at the donuts, then shut the fridge. This happened three times; open fridge, close it, walk away. 

This is a huge accomplishment since I normally would have eaten at least 4 donuts. Saturday night I craved vegetarian, sushi---???? Where this came from I don't know, but that's what I had. Typically a Saturday night would have been at least a half of a large pizza. Today at lunch I craved roast beef. Off to Shaw's I went instead of Burger King. Something is clicking and I'm loving it! You have an anointing Jane, that is simply remarkable and just know when you bless a client with healing, it blesses others tenfold as everyone in my circle of friends and family receive benefits of my healing. THANK YOU!

Ginger F Maine 

Update, one week later: 

I'm astonished, it continues! I'm craving sharp cheese and yesterday, sliced pieces of roast beef. Wow, different food choices equals an overall feeling of wellness. I mean it's something that is common sense, but controlling cravings and making good choices was NOT easy for me (until my session) I'm still in amazement!

Ginger F Maine

Update, two weeks later: 

Just one final note~~ at dinner last evening, my boyfriend said " I can really see a change in your body" !!! YAHOO, but this morning was the most glee. I put on a dress in my closet to wear to work today that I haven't been able to wear in 2 years. And, I'm not stuffed into it, it fits well! Changes are coming fast and furious at it is GREAT! Thank you for all that you do! 

Ginger F. Maine 


Woman with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities Benefits from Jane's Group Healings 

I am very grateful to have found Jane through the Multiple Chemical Sensitivities Support Group! I found Jane's group healings to be fun, educational and highly beneficial. The vibrational healing energy present in her group is phenomenal! I always learn something new and I leave feeling better and more light-hearted. I love Jane's goal of helping us help ourselves by teaching us self-healing techniques ... and the points she assigns us are very effective. I've learned all sorts of modalities in energetic healing, and incorporating her points and insights has been very helpful. 

In the 6 months I've come to group and as a client, I have watched Jane evolve and I have benefited from her heightened, enhanced corrections. Just when you think it can't get better, Jane downloads more from the matrix and you are going on another healing journey of awe and wonderment. 

Karen M - Maine 


My vision has improved over the few minutes she spends with me each week at group. I actually had dramatic results the very first time she worked on my eyes where I had 20/20 vision in my right eye from a slightly near-sighted and astigmatic vision. I foolishly put my glasses back on, so I don't know how long it would have held the correction. I was surprised to find times that my vision would be at 20/20 ... and at times, had to remove my glasses due to discomfort! [I would then realize voila! my vision was 20/20! 

I've had energy work done on my eyes before, but no one was able to make the amount progress as Jane did. I have lots of long-standing issues with my respiratory and elimination systems, and Jane was able to help alleviate symptoms. 

Karen M., engineer 


Chronic lung disease: ~ ~ ~ ~Distance Healing, a daughter’s perspective:

"My mother has experienced chronic health issues for most of her life, specifically a lung disease in which she routinely has serious infections and struggles with massive congestion in her lungs. I recommended Jane Fecteau to her based on the successful experiences I have had with my own family’s health improvements. Since her sessions with Jane, my mother is able to breathe more clearly and has been able to raise tremendous amounts of toxic congestion before infection sets in. My mother’s symptoms have greatly improved with Jane’s techniques of distance healing. As a family, we are thankful to Jane for being a positive emotional as well as physical healing experience for my mother." 

- Stacy Scott, ME


A Client’s Perspective of Energy Healing

I knew that I wanted to stay away from pills and procedures and I knew there had to be more natural options for me….

I was experiencing significant pain several weeks after my gallbladder surgery and had learned that I likely had a more serious medical problem that would require another invasive procedure. 

My digestion should have been improving but instead, I was feeling limited in my functioning and scared to eat due to pain. I began to feel sick, frustrated and discouraged because I was living my life around my discomfort. I knew that I wanted to stay away from pills and procedures and I knew there had to be more natural options for me. 

I was relieved and thankful when a friend recommended Jane Fecteau. I began to feel better during the first session as she intuitively helped to open the blocked bile ducts in my digestive system. 

I could actually feel the physical relief from pressure in my chest/stomach area with the light touch and hands above the body techniques. 

Immediately following sessions with Jane, I felt a surge in my energy because I began to feel like my old self again. I was relieved to know that my distress was capable of going away with Jane’s amazing healing abilities as a practitioner. 

Respectfully Submitted by, 
Stacey Scott, Maine


Please Meet An Amazing Medical Intuitive! Introducing: Jane Fecteau, Medical Intuitive, Energy Healer

Dear Jane, I am truly blessed to have amazing people in my life to support and care for me. Jane is one of those very special gifted healers who has recently come into my life and graced me with her gifts. I am thrilled to be introducing her to all of you so you can have an opportunity to benefit from her intuitive healing abilities as well.

Imagine yourself with renewed vibrant health! Jane does both in-person and distance healing and many individuals experience IMMEDIATE, near-miraculous relief of their pain and other symptoms, such as: migraine headaches, back/neck pain, severe allergies to pollen, chemical sensitivities, food cravings and much more! 

My experience: Jane has been working with me on the scoliosis I have had for most of my life. I have been to chiropractors and physiatrists over the years and none of them can compare to what Jane has done for me in two sessions. I feel “held” in intense love and grace during my time with her. Her approach is incredibly gentle and respectful. Spirit is clearly working through her. 

Today I am standing straighter and taller with less discomfort and I maintain what I’ve gained in between sessions. I can’t begin to tell you how HUGE this is for me! Because this is a chronic condition I know it will be a process, but I am thoroughly convinced from what I’ve experienced so far that Jane will bring my spine back to perfect health. My miracle for 2011!


Relief from Allergy Symptoms 

Audrey has been going to Jane Fecteau Intuitive Healing on a periodic basis for energy treatments due to sports injuries. In some of these sessions, Audrey has asked Jane to focus on her allergies to our cats and seasonal pollens. 

The change has been incredible. When you live with someone every day, you don't always notice when they are symptom free. However, with the arrival of the Spring and the heavy pollen, it is clear that the changes are dramatic and she is virtually symptom-free. I don't think I've heard a sniffle and I know there haven't been any piles of tissues around. 

This has been a great drug-free healing alternative for a girl who was on Zyrtec from the age of 8 or 9! 

Audrey (via mom) - Maine 

Dear Jane,

Wonderful results with my daughter, Nancy! 

I phoned her about 20 minutes after our session ended. Her voice, on answering the phone, sounded different, more like her old, healthy self. I can usually tell from her voice how she is. "It's probably too soon to ask" I said, "but how are you feeling?"

"Oh, Mom," she said, "this is so amazing!. I totally forgot you would be talking to Jane, and I was feeling awful, lying on the sofa watching TV. And all of a sudden, just as the show was ending, I felt like a great weight lifted off of me. My anxiety was gone and so was the nausea."

"Jane was working on you during that 1/2 hour," I told her. "And by the way, have you had any trouble with your left shoulder? Jane noticed something off there, too."

"I had the worst backache all day," she said, "in my upper back. And it's gone now! And I had enough energy to clean up the mess the kids left in the kitchen, and now I think I'm actually going to take the dog for a short walk."

Even more: she wants to talk to you herself. She was only worried about her husband getting mad about paying for it, so I told her we want to take care of it. And my husband, usually the skeptic, said he wants to put it on his credit card. So I'll be sending you a new number (or maybe telling you by phone; feels safer.)

So--how's that for instant feedback? I'm really excited about it all.

I will give her your phone # and e-mail, and she will contact you to make an appointment. Her name is Nancy Price; she's 48.

Thank you so much, Jane!


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Jane Fecteau