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Bee Herz

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First and Foremost, I am not a newbie to Metaphysical Arts. I have known numerous gifted Spiritual Healers, Psychics, Mediums and YES there are many! YET this past Thursday I was deeply blessed while Bee read for me. Having such a NATURALNESS and Superb Accuracy within her delivery, she informed me (without questioning  what I knew) of my major concerns. Then recommended unique ideas to pivot my new business plans. Bee is definitely A RARE Profound Psychic Medium

~ Delores Hahnes

Where do I start!!! This was the most amazing reading ever! Bee’s insight and her ability to zero in on what was going on in my life and what I could do to change and grow was just purely amazing. Bee was right on about everything. She was very detail oriented and gave descriptions of exactly what I needed to know. All of my questions were answered in great detail. Bee’s personality is wonderful. She put me at ease and I felt like I was talking to an old friend. Please don’t miss a reading with her.

~Gwenn Bello

In the darkest hour of my life with the tragic death of my son, I have struggled to find answers to this catastrophic event that has shattered my world. Bee has provided me with the tools to climb this Everest that has been place in my path. I have always lived with the belief of eternal life, but Bee is my light on the road to the Other Side.

~Caroline Cammack

My phone reading with Bee was very spiritual and awe inspiring for me. Bee touched on people, places and events from my past and present that were accurate and then made me feel blessed. I feel more focused about my life and life in general. I have shared my experience with family and friends and highly recommend a reading with Bee. She is truly an angel on earth!

~Carol Campbell

I have consulted with psychics in the past and have been blessed with positive experiences with them but had not used them for some time. Then, somehow, I found Bee and I am so grateful. She is the most compassionate and down-to-earth person with this gift that I have ever met and she is accurate beyond belief! I recommend Bee to anyone who needs assistance with any issue needing advice and counsel on. It’s evident that Bee loves what she does and you feel it once you connect with her. You won’t regret it.

~Kristen Bloise

My phone reading with Bee was beyond amazing! I had the sense of the person she connected with was sitting in the room with me. I could feel his presence. I am a hard core skeptic and former agnostic. The reading brought me evidential, and concrete information that is very useful to present day life. Bee is genuine and brings forth very powerful messages that can be verified later. She is an angel on Earth!

~Christine Groethe

Bee is truly gifted. With Bee I was able to communicate with my father who died when I was eight in a more direct way than with any other psychic. It was profound! Her accuracy and clarity far surpassed other readings I had had. I felt such peace and guidance after our reading and truly believe Bee was on target with EVERYTHING! Highly recommend Bee!

~Tina Atchley

I’ve worked with several intuitives and psychics. Few were as clear and compassionate—and no-nonsense as Bee. Her readings have the accuracy and clarity of someone looking back on events that have already passed, as opposed to the impressionistic blur many psychics are capable of. She is very, very good.

~Viveka von Rosen

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Bee Herz