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Based in the little snowy corner of northwest Colorado in the ski resort of Steamboat Springs, Bee Herz is a psychic and a psychic medium and her exceptional reputation in these fields has resulted in her having clients visit and call her from all over the globe.

In a psychic reading, Bee first provides clients with psychic evidence by providing some information about their current life situation. This may be in any area, such as: relationships, work, finance, etc.   Bee then provides direction, tools and guidance to important aspects of present and future life circumstances.  The messages and counsel Bee receives for clients come from spirit guides, a person’s “higher self “and deceased loves ones.  Bee’s remarkable psychic aptitude is awe inspiring, helpful and further legitimized by her grateful and satisfied clients in their client testimonials.

In a psychic medium reading, Bee begins by providing evidence to share with clients to prove the messages and information are coming from a person’s deceased loved one(s). Psychic Medium sessions often prove to be extremely healing and of significant value to clients as well as the deceased spirit. Bee has perfected her medium abilities through caretaking of the dying in her home and volunteering with Hospice.

Bee is deeply spiritual and passionate about working with spirit and feels deeply honored in being allowed to assist clients through this work. Bee has the highest standard of integrity and is faithfully committed to elevating the professions of psychics and psychic mediums to advance evolution of mankind.


Bee graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a B.F.A.I.D (Bachelors of Fine Art in Industrial Design). Her careers have included being an Industrial Designer and a Marketing Representative for some major corporations. She also earned her Massage Therapist certification from the Kripalu Center in Lenox, Massachusetts. She has completed classes on Hospice, and Being with the Dying as well as the Grieving Process at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado and Upaya Institute in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  

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To schedule an appointment with Bee Herz, go to my web site and click on the “Book Now button” at the top of the page. You may also call my number 970-871-4594.

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Bee Herz