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Interview With...

Janet Nohavec

Psychic Medium

Bob Olson: What label or description do you give yourself when a stranger asks what you do for work?

Janet Nohavec: I am pastor of a Spiritualist Church. I am also a medium and conduct private sessions.

Bob Olson: When did you first recognize that you had this gift? 

Janet Nohavec: I knew at the age of 4 I was seeing spirit people, but was not able to put a name on (it) the experiences I was having,  until after I left the convent.

Bob Olson: When did you begin doing this work professionally?

Janet Nohavec: I began to work professionally 12 years ago.

Bob Olson: Have you had any formal training or instruction for this work?

Janet Nohavec: I have had extensive training from some great mediums from Great Britain at Stansted Hall. Most of those I trained with are long gone. It is has been our goal to recreate a School for Mediumship that is unique in America.

Bob Olson: What other educational degrees, certifications or learned skills do you have that help you in this work? 

Janet Nohavec: I do not have a college degree. I believe my years spent as a nun helped me to realize that my gift is in service to people. Many of the great seers, saints and mystics had similar experiences.

Bob Olson: What is your intention or motivation for doing this work? 

Janet Nohavec: I am motivated by a deep belief and knowledge that life goes on. I attempt to demonstrate that quality mediumship can be a bridge to those who have crossed to the higher side of life.  It is also my hope to take the fear out of the process of dying and our transition.

Bob Olson: How long do your readings last and why did you choose this length of time?

Janet Nohavec: My private sessions are usually one/half hour, I feel I can help and accommodate more people using this length of time.

Bob Olson: What can one expect during a normal reading with you?

Janet Nohavec: My clients can expect to be part of an evidential and heartwarming experience with those they have lost. For their session I am totally their conduit with spirit, many of my clients also want to investigate their future, most of my sessions are a combination of both mediumship and seership.

Bob Olson: How is a reading with you "similar" to what people have seen on TV when John Edward gave a reading on his show "Crossing Over With John Edward?"

Janet Nohavec: The similarity is the evidence that helps you to know you have contacted a departed loved one. John also has a wonderful sense of humor and is truly a spiritual person.

Bob Olson: How is a reading with you "different" to what people saw on TV when John Edward gave a reading on his show "Crossing Over With John Edward?"

Janet Nohavec:  I believe a private session, which is confidential, allows for more freedom than a public demonstrations of mediumship.

Bob Olson: What instructions do you give new clients before a reading?

Janet Nohavec: I let my clients know the first people coming through are passed over. I ask them to keep an open mind. I also let them know their feedback is very important. Once I make statements, validation either in yes’s or no’s is very important. The sound of their voice is very important to me and their reading.

Bob Olson: Is there anything about your gift or abilities that is unique from most other psychics or mediums?

Janet Nohavec: I believe each medium is very unique, therefore no two readings would be alike.

Bob Olson: If you do events, seminars, workshops, lectures or retreats, tell us about them. What are they like, how often do you do them and how do people benefit from attending them?

Janet Nohavec: I teach an extensive amount of classes both here in New Jersey and in Lily Dale, New York. I focus on psychic development, angels, Physical phenomena, and of course evidential mediumship and platform presentation. One can check our websites The Journey Within Spiritualist National Union Church or they can request a newsletter be sent by calling 973-633-7884 or e-mailing us at I also do public demonstrations of mediumship on a regular basis. Those who have attended the classes are know they are being taught by credible knowledgeable teachers. We also run two retreats a year.

Bob Olson: Do you do phone readings, in person readings or both?

Janet Nohavec: I conduct both types of readings

Bob Olson: How does one contact you to set up an appointment for a reading?

Janet Nohavec: The best way to contact us is by calling our offices at 1-973-616-9685. if you email us, my secretary will contact you by phone.

Bob Olson: Is there anything you would like people to know about you or your gift that we have not yet discussed?

Janet Nohavec: I believe with all my heart that mediumship is a sacred gift. I value the opportunity to share time with my clients as I part the veil between worlds for them for a brief time. I love to teach others to develop and become aware of their own gifts. I love what I do.


Janet Nohavec